Maske (2009)

A punching bag is set up in a space. A loud drone playes from two loudspeakers from above the bag. Two boxing gloves are hanging next to it, they are offered to the audience as an invitation to punch the bag. The harder someone hits the bag, the quieter gets the loud drone in the room, and as soon as people stop beating, the sound in the room gets loud and complex again. Featuring a set of voice samples by Jacques Palminger which can be triggered with certain strikes, humorously affronting German boxer-idol Henry Maske. This installation has been premiered at the Dockville Festival in Hamburg in 2009 and has also been shown at the Golden Pudel Club in 2010. It has been realized in collaboration with Andi Stolze.


1 punching bag

2 fullrange speakers

boxing gloves

wiimote motion sensor


software: junXion, ableton