Bangalore Overdrive (2011)

A car cockpit built onto the rooftop of the Jaaga building in Bangalore (India). The idea is to play the soundscape of a city which is dominated by the noise and sounds of traffic. Operating a steering wheel and pedals which are designed for computer games, the player will change the sound captured live on the street. It’s never quiet in Bangalore, and everything which the microphones pick up becomes amplified once the virtual acceleration pedal is pressed down. The wheel transforms the sound with a set of resonant delays and harmonic distortion. "Overdrive" was set up and running throughout the year in 2011 at the Jaaga Centre in Bangalore in South India. Setup: Logitech Racecar Game Controller Stereo Speakers with Subwoofer 2 AKG Condenser Mics, waterproofed, installed at street level with 20m XLR cables. M-Audio Audio Interface MacBook Software: junXion, Ableton

Here is a review on popupcity,

and  here is video documentation of the setup.

Jaaga - overdrive

Playable Sound installation by Andreas Otto. Jaaga Bangalore 2010. (c) cbtd barret